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Notes from Fairfield County Ohio Estate, Will and Partition Records

regarding Miller, Alspach, Benedum and Crist


Michael Alspach           1839    Estate Record               Case#1688

rented farm from Jacob Mayers

Henry Alspach administrater


Michael Alspach           1862    Partition Record           PB 9-141

Page #141, 1862, Micheal Alspach's partition records state he died 15 Nov 1836. His heirs were the heirs of deceased Henry Alspach Sr. who were Michael of Eaton Co., MI, Philip of Lagrange Co., IN, Daniel & Samuel of Miami Co., IN, Benjamin, the children of Lovina Fall, deceased daughter of Henry Alspach, Sr., who were Lanah and Lovina Fall of Fulton Co., IN; the children of Henry Alspach Jr., deceased, who were Isaac, Noah, Henry, Benjamin, Sally, and Nancy of Sandusky Co.; Henry Burger who was the son of a daughter of Michael Alspach who married a Burger; the children of a daughter of Michael Alspach who married a Himrod and whose names were George Himrod, David Himrod and Leah Himrod married to Henry Burgar; Barbara Alspach Swinhart of Stark Co. "Partition Record Abstracts, V2, 1851-1900 Fairfield County, Ohio"

George Benadum          1830    Estate Record               Case#701 ˝

George Benadum          1837    Will                              Case#1607    WillBook 2-498

The estate of George Benedum of Liberty Twp, will written Jan. 1, 1835 and filed in 1837, listed the executor as son Phillip. One of the heirs was "Katharine, wife of Henry Hartman", "Fairfield County Will and Estate Abstracts, Cases 1001-2000, Jean Collier, Fairfield County Chapter OGS, 1998, p 43.

John Benheimer            1824    Estate Record               Case#397

John Crist & heirs         1823    Estate Record               Case#375

Simon Crist                  1851    Will                              Case#2667      WillBook 4-83


Abraham Miller            1822    Will                              Case#309

Abraham Miller            1831    Will                              Case#1644      WillBook 2-314

of Walnut Twp. (owns land in several twps.)

wife: Elizabeth

children: Henry, Abraham, Polly, Anna, Barbara, Elizabeth, Sally, David

Ann Miller                    1811    Guardianship                Case#1107

Christian Miller 1808    Will                              Case#49          WillBook 1-144

            of Pleasant Twp

            Wife Elizabeth

            Children: John, Abraham, Christian, Elizabeth, (Samuel and Jacob under 18)

Daniel Miller                 1821    Estate                           Case#296

of Rushcreek Twp

Admin: Joseph Beery, Abraham Beery, John Keller


Elizabeth Miller 1811    Guardianship                Case#1079      WillBook 1-214

Andrew Hite Sr. is nominated guardian

Samuel Miller of Walnut Twp. wife  guardians to Kitty, Mary, Frederick, Margret, , Eliz.

Felix Miller                   1815    Estate                           Case#160

heirs: in 1817: Catherine, Elijah 16, Jno 15, Hannah 13, Elizabeth 7, Felix 9, James 3

wife: Elizabeth

Robert Reed administrator

George Miller               1805    Inventory                      Case                WillBook 1-81

nothing of interest


George Miller               1808    Will                              Case#108        WillBook 1-137

            of Richland Twp

            children: George (oldest son), John (youngest son), Mary Harman, Catharine Barhmar, Eve Oardone, Susan Sphou, Barbara Fisher, Elizabeth Miller, Rosanna Miller

            wife: Catharine


George Miller               1822    Estate                           Case#325       

Henry Miller                 1828    Estate                           Case#636       

of Greenfield Twp

admin: Jacob Wagner, David Wintermoth, Henry Killer/Miller

George Benedum Sr is paid $30

There is a Miller heir I can’t read:  Daniel or Jerimiah or….


Henry J. Miller  1825    Estate                           Case#446

a sales list: same person as #442 below

Jacob Miller                 1811    Guardian                      Case#1108

John and Ann Miller parents.   Jacob is under 18 son.   signed by Daniel Hall.


Jacob&Samuel Miller   1811    Guardian                                              WillBook 1-213

            Christian Kaeagy guardian.

            father Christian Miller

            sons: Jacob and Samuel


Jacob Miller                 1814    Estate                           Case#152

            of Reading Twp., Fairfield

Daniel Tarkison and Michael Foght appeared

it is a bill of sale of inventory of late Jacob Miller

some buyers: Margaret Miller, John Miller, David Miller, Susannah Miller, Jacob Miller


John Miller                   1808    Will                              Case#78 & 1069   WillBook 1-146

of Walnut Twp

brother Abraham Miller

executor: Christian Cagy

wife Anna

children: Molly, Mathias, Jacob and Anna.

John Miller                   1808    Appt. of Executor                     WillBook 1-208 & 209

same as above

John Miller                   1817    Guardian                      Case#1170

Elizabeth Miller mother and Robert Reed guardians of John Miller, infant son of Felix Miller

John Miller                   1826    Will                              Case#2020      WillBook 2-197

Brother: Philip.  Philips wife is Mary.  they live in Perry Twp.  After their death it is to go to the Lutheran Church.

Peter Prough is son of John’s step-daughter Sarah Prough now Sara Gidener.

exec. Samuel Spangler and Samuel Ftehrbof

John Henry Miller     1825    Estate                         Case#442

adm. Frederick Martin and Martin Miller

wife: Mahala

John Christopher Miller             1822    Estate                           Case#324

admin: Frederick A Martens and Martin Miller


Polly Miller                   1826    Guardianship                Case#1316

Adam Wagner              1827    Estate                           Case#613

mentioned: Peter Miller, Jcob Wagner, Jacob Wagner Jr., Adam Wagner, Michael Alspaugh, Jacob Fisher, Alexander Morehead, David Brandt, John Miller, John Miller Sr., Michael Wagner, John Kline, John Fellers, Henry Miller,


William Miller purchased 1 small hay fork for 15 cents (probably the son of John and Catherine Miller)


admin: Adam and Elizabeth Wagner

wife: Elizabeth Wagner

Catharine Wagner         1825    Estate                           Case#499 ˝

Daniel Wagner  1832    Estate                           Case#825

Daniel's 1833 partition records mention his heirs: Daniel Wagoner Jr.; Catherine, wife of Joseph Crist; Polly, wife of Solomon Click; Sally, wife of Joseph Click; Rebecca, wife of John Alspach; Molly Wagoner and minors Jacob, Benjamin, Samuel, John, Lydia, and Henry, "Partition Record Abstracts, V1, 1812-1851 Fairfield County, Ohio", Fairfield County Chapter OGS, 1987, p 18.


Brother Jacob's 1850 partition records mentioned that his heirs were his siblings and his siblings heirs. Those listed for Daniel were: the heirs of Daniel Wagner, deceased, who were Daniel Wagner, John Wagner, Jacob Wagner, Henry Wagner, Catharine Wagner Christ, Mary, wife of Solomon Glick of IL, Rebecca, wife of John W. Alspach, Molly, wife of John Humrickhouse, Lydia, wife of Samuel Bowsher; "Partition Record Abstracts, V1, 1812-1851 Fairfield County, Ohio",


Simon Christ purchased 2 of his hoes May 31, 1832

Joseph Christ purchased a large German Bible, a table, rocking cradle, chairs,…

Daniel and Molly Wagner purchased things

Daniel Miller purchased a horn and bucket

Benj. and James Wimp made purchases

Matthias Benedum purchased a bucket

John Feller purchased stuff

Jacob Thrush purchased wool wheel

John Feller Jr.


Daniel Wagner  1837    Will                                                      WillBook 2-526

Andrew Wagner is the maker of the will

children: Jacob (oldest son), Andrew Jr., Samuel, Daniel (youngest son),


Daniel Wagner(heirs)    1840    Estate                           Case#2307

a John Alspach, Jacob Wagner – not much else

Henry Wagner              1823    Guardian                      Case#1469

Jacob Wagner, Abm Wildermoth, Danl Wagner

Henry Wagner minor son of decd. Daniel Wagner.

Jacob Wagner              1832    Guardian                      Case#1547

John Wagner                1832    Guardian                      Case#1542 & 1672

nothing worthwhile

Michael Wagoner         1815    Estate                           Case#156

            of Greenfield Twp

accomodator: Adam Wagner