Miller Family History


Miller DNA Project
For Anyone with the Last Name Miller

If your last name is Miller there is a good chance that you can find your distant ancestors by participating in the Miller DNA Project!

Any and all Miller's from anywhere and everywhere are invited to join! With about 800 Miller's already tested and a database of hundreds of thousands DNA profiles, matches are more and more common. Plus, DNA testing will provide you details about the ancient migration pattern of your Miller line and information on the recent country of origin in Europe.

I encourage any male with the last name of Miller to participate in the Miller Surname DNA Project at I don't receive any fees from and ask that any technical questions be directed to them at the e-mail addresses on their website. 


Free DNA testing for Miller families with roots in Lancaster and/or Berks County, Pennsylvania!!


You receive:

  • DNA results

  • Indications of your Miller line country origin

  • Assistance locating your Miller family ancestry

  • Your Miller family's place in Lancaster/Berks County History

How to participate:

  1. Email

  2. When your DNA kit arrives by mail follow the instructions to collect the DNA using the cheek swab they provide.

  3. Return your kit by mail.

  4. Wait about 8-10 weeks for final results.

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       Gary Miller can be reached
by e-mail at:

Berks, PA Miller, Webb, Boone Families   Pickaway & Fairfield, Ohio Tax Records   Northumberland, PA Wills 1772-1813

Abraham Miller of Berks, Lancaster, Chester, & Columbia County 1758-1821   DNA results for Abraham Miller